An Introduction to Parallel Programming with MPI and Python

A short introduction and tutorial to distributed memory computing with Python. Although HPC projects should usually be written in faster, compiled languages, like C or Fortran, Python is an excellent tool for algorithm development and proof of concept. This is especially true in parallel programming, where code becomes especially complex.

In this tutorial, we give an short overview of parallel computing and introduce MPI. We use Python to demonstrate applications and introduce the methods of the interface.

There are TODO’s in this document:
  • Allreduce and Reduce theoretically take the same amount of time. Include a picture of the butterfly communication structure.

TODO not listed:
  • note how you can use mpi4py on you own computer (serially, for testing purposes)

  • stuff about I/O

  • how to properly time a parallel function

  • Section of chapter on parallel libraries (how this is accomplished by communicators. See end of preface.)

  • show how you can run unbuffered. Then, if you would like to print, you must use the format of print where you concatenate string, not seperate them with commas

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